Am I Your Coach Quiz

Please answer agree or disagree to the following questions.  Coaching is an important and significant investment so carefully consider each question and be as honest in your answer as possible.

  1. I want someone to help me find my own answers
  2. I appreciate honesty and directness
  3. I want a coach not a cheerleader
  4. I know where I want to go, however, believe that something is holding me back from my goals
  5. I like to skip the small talk and get to the important stuff
  6. I want/need an unbiased accountability partner who has my best interest at heart
  7. I understand the difference between coaching and therapy and desire coaching

If you agree to most of the statements (they are ordered by priority) we may be a good fit for you and when you are ready for the next step Email Us or call (404) 287-0080 to schedule a free discussion about your goals. 

If, however, most of your answers were on the ‘disagree’ side, still feel free to contact us for the names of other certified coaches who may be a better match for you!