Am I Your Coach?


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I am a former IT architect turned executive coach.  While I loved high tech and received multiple awards including IBM Consultant of the Year, I felt constrained in my ability to help both clients and peers to succeed.  Having worked with IT departments in over 35 companies including eight in the Global 100 I recognized some patterns, the chief being the difference that mastering “soft skills” makes in both individual and project success.  As a Sherpa Certified coach I am able to help clients to overcome the communications and leadership challenges that often plague technical resources.  I work with individuals from CIO to project leads as well as with departments and teams.  What I love most about my new career is that the Sherpa Coaching Process allows my clients to make lasting change that goes well beyond their daily tasks to impact both their companies and personal lives.   

If you would like to discuss a particular situation or learn more about how I may be able to assist you please email me or call 404-287-0080.