About TRUS

TRUS Enterprises offers business coaching and consulting services to help clients fix people problems at both the individual and team levels.  We specialize in addressing the big three behavior areas that drastically impact business performance: Leadership, Communications and Productivity.   What sets us apart is our deep commitment to serving clients.  Our standard is excellence and in short we put clients first.   This standard is reflected in everything we do from why we only work in person to our "only one question asked money back guarantee".  Every engagement and workshop includes a post review, periodic follow-ups and complimentary email support.

The ideal clients for our services are corporate executives, senior managers, department heads, human resource managers, and small business owner operators with a desire to improve individual performance and productivity.  While this list may seem diverse they all have in common the same key element:  people and how they behave.  At TRUS Enterprises we use proven processes to create permanent behavioral change and provide clients with paradigm shifting insights that ultimately help them both personally and professionally.  We recognize and respect that every client is unique and select the processes and tools best suited to their specific situation. 

TRUS Enterprises is a metro Atlanta area based company.  We also conduct complimentary personal finance and computer literacy workshops though The Sapphire Foundation a non-profit entity whose mission is to provide needful knowledge.